Art Taranaki - de retour ŕ Paris
Artistes de Nouvelle-Zélande au 59 Rivoli

In November 2014 12 Taranaki artists travelled to Paris, carrying 250 artworks as their luggage!

Taranaki artists, showing in Gallery 59 Rivoli. A terrific experience.
The French liked our exhibition and asked us back.
So here we are!
(and this time we carried and hung more than 600 artworks!!)

Exhibition title:
Art Taranaki - de retour ŕ Paris
Artistes de Nouvelle-Zélande au 59 Rivoli

The exhibition looked really good. Thanks to Linda and Tanya and the hammer crew.

Man in Notre Dame kneeling, not in front of a holy image
but in front of a vending machine!
MY little house, way up at the top.
If ever I get rich, I want to live up there.

Nobody remembers where or how
this was taken, but it looks like fun.
The staircase to the resident artists' studios
at 59 rue de Rivoli
The view just 30 paces from the door of our
apartment on Ile Saint-Louis.

And now we're back home in New Zealand.
We've hung the unsold works in a "Back From Paris" exhibition at The Art Room in New Plymouth.
There during June. Looking good.

This WAS our donations box. Her banner said "Perhaps a small coin for the poor artists?"
She had collected about 30 euros for us when she was stolen from the gallery
There have been a lot of thefts - Mili's wallet, Linda's laptop and Tanya's cellphone.
It is sad, we have lost a lot of our trust, our faith in our fellow humans.
Perhaps it is naivety and sweet innocence that we have lost.

click to see what the Gallery looked like when we were there in 2014.
The Travellers .... Dorothy Andrews, Jenny Bielawski, a^b (Abby Burgess), Dale Copeland,
Darren Mackey, Linda McFetridge, Tanya Mercer, Steve Molloy, Mili Purpil, Katie Smith, Nora West.

Two of the artists are posting the continuing story on Facebook .... look for Travelling TArts.
or just click here.

NOTE: We had a campaign on, asking for help for our travelling group, and it worked really well, raising more than the $4000 we were hoping for.
We're extremely grateful to all those who were able to help. There's a lot of kindness in the world.
('Boosted' is a great place for New Zealand artists to seek support for their ventures.)

Our all-purpose sticker for 2014.

Any questions? email Dale at   dale @ (remove spaces)

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