Alice Eaton

Painter of the perfect details of decay

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White fridge door Tool box lid

Tyre iron on the back of a tumble drier Red dress and self portrait Green fridge door

Pitcher plant Lichen on roof Butterflies

  Alice's oil paintings are large, with meticulous life-sze depictions of change and decay.
She finds an old refrigerator, or a bank door which has been trampled and driven over in a quarry, or the rusty lid of an old tool box.
Working over months, and using only the tiniest of brushes(!) she recreates what she sees, in immaculate detail.

Alice and her family have lived in many countries and whenever they shift, they carry with them not only these large paintings, but also the objects!

The rusty doors, the tire iron - they are all carefully packed and shifted around the world.

The insects which come to sit on a painting, these also are exquisitely portrayed.

Alice graduated at an art school in Scotland but was the despair of her tutors. With a very evident talent, but refusing to change her style or her pace. She still works for months or years on each painting, still uses only the most miniscule of brushes.

She doesn't show her work, or offer it for sale.

Her photographer son will take good photos of her work, but I was so pleased that she agreed to join us on the Tart site that I took these amateurish photos with my little camera, just where the paintings are hanging in their house.

She told me their descriptions, not titles. I see an integrity to this.
And better photos WILL be coming.

Alice's studio is in Mangorei, New Plymouth, New Zealand

email Alice at alice.m.l.eaton @ (remove spaces)

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