Out of Context

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Out of Context
Assemblage of found objects
Text from old German autograph book, some behind mica 'window'
Bulgarian plaque, mother of pearl and bone.
In old wooden box 16.5 X 25 cm open
by Dale Copeland, 2017

Things, objects. They may lose their meaning when seen out of context, but still have an inherent beauty.
And the mica! A natural rock that you can cut into thin crystalline slices, just using a scalpel knife. Lovely stuff.
I had to buy a retro toaster on TradeMe to get some. Stupidly expensive but I really wanted the mica.
Old toasters used to have the heating elements wrapped around thin slabs of mica as insulator.

Dale's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her artwork, and the books she makes, can be found on her site at dalecopeland.co.nz.
email Dale at dale @ tart.co.nz (remove the spaces)

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