Leila Hunter

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Secretly Eve Wanted All Them Apples

Artistís Statement

If art becomes a burden, I donít want to do it. For me it is a joyous journey.

My search is where the literal and the abstract overlap. Where the ambivalence of colour can give expression to the tragedy and comedy of life.

The love and slaughter in red, the happiness and disease in yellow and the serenity and depression in blue.

The growth and rot in green, the spirituality and mourning in violet, and the warmth and pride in orange.

Add the innocence and fear in white and the sophistication and destruction in black. Change the time or the culture and change the meaning.

My inspiration comes from the world and people around me and I have a particular interest in biblical characters.

Humour and a sense of the ridiculous are essential for me to make any sense of this universe.

Leila Hunter

Leila Hunter lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand

email Leila at leilahunter @ hotmail.co.nz (remove spaces)

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