Back Beach

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Back Beach
Tanya Mercer
oil on canvas
60 X 93cm
$2300 plus postage
This is the text which accompanied the painting in PukeAriki's Homework exhibition last year

'Tanya Mercer's painting may not be the view you would expect when approaching an artwork titled Back Beach. By turning away from this popular New Plymouth Beach and choosing to paint the large petro-chemical storage tanks behind it, Mercer draws our attention to what is typically leftout of depictions of the New Zealand landscape. Her paintings make us confront these man-made marks that others might prefer to hide' - written by Puke Ariki

I really liked what they wrote but also would add that I find amusement, bafflement and beauty in these man-made marks, just as I do with Traffic Islands.

Tanya lives in Omata, New Zealand

More of her work can be seen on facebook: Tanya Mercer Painter
and on her Roebuck Farm website - click here.

email Tanya at merceromata @ (remove spaces)

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