Optical Instruments

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Optical Instruments
Mixed Media, collage
Eirian Griffiths
Size 20 cm x 20 cm
Size with mount ready for framing 36.8 cm x 36.8 cm
Price: �45 (plus any postage cost if over �5)

My eyesight used to be very sharp. Inevitably it is deteriorating as I hit a new decade (reading glasses - pah!). My parents both have eye health issues now, so I'm hoping my own eyes will hold out a bit longer - sight is important to all of us, not just visual artists.

This collage is to celebrate eyes and the doctors who look after them. The small butterfly is cut from a map, centred on a place in the UK called Eye. A butterfly represents the tickly 'butterfly kisses' we used to give with our eyelashes as kids, and also the way our eyes flit about trying to focus. The music represents blinking up and down. The text 'Optical Instruments' and index extract come from a Victorian technical manual. The two eye images are from an ancient greek sculpture and from a 1940s advert. They are two left eyes but I like the mismatch - the precious imperfection of sight.

Eirian Griffiths lives in Oxford, UK.

email Eirian at   eirian.griffiths @ btinternet.com (remove the spaces)

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