Free Will? ✔, Freedom of Choice? X

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Free Will? ✔, Freedom of Choice? X
assemblage of found objects
symbols of choice, bullets, brass headpiece from an old clock.
Nu Elck Syn Sin is Old Dutch, which is no longer in use and not recognizable in the modern Dutch language.
An English equivalent is "Now to each his own."
In the 17th century, Mennonite communities in Zaan, North Holland, were known for making wall mounted clocks.
The more expensive versions of the clocks often included coats of arms and mottoes such as the one here.
The Mennonites were persecuted and the motto reflects their desire for freedom of religion,
their wish to practice their version of a “reformed’ faith in peace amongst other Reformation movements.
Dale Copeland, 2018
There has been much argument over whether or not we have free will.
I am sure that we do.
But freedom of choice is another matter.
So much is determined by our past. Our upbringing, our country of origin, the habits and beliefs of our parents.
In this solid old box there are symbols of different choices - religion, warmongering, freemasonry and consumerism.
The glass tube contains small glass bubbles which slowly rise or fall with the temperature.
Like our choices, change is possible. Slow, but possible.

Dale Copeland lives at Puniho, in Taranaki, New Zealand
More of her work can be seen on her site at
and in the Showcase section of this Virtual Tart website.

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