Chicken Rice

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Chicken Rice
painting - acrylic and spray cans
Barbara Koziarski
114cm x 124cm
The inspiration for this work came from my daughter’s photo of graffiti on a water barrel in Malacca.
I wanted a hand-made look for my painting. I sourced the tarpaulin background from rummaging in the industrial areas of Singapore.

I laid the tarpaulin flat on the floor and painted with acrylics and spray cans.
I added pieces torn from old Chinese books which I glued on and painted over. I painted Chinese characters free hand.

For the mounting, my husband suggested rivets. I took the work to my framer who got what I was after. He found some old rusted screws and mounted the work on top of a cream mount with a black wooden frame.

Barbara Koziarski lives in Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

email Barbara at   barbara @ (remove the spaces)

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Image © Barbara Koziarski