My Work is My Life

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My Work is My Life
painting - acrylic on canvas
Barbara Koziarski, and others
120cm x 180cm
We lived for several years in Singapore.
I had two artistic ambitions – to produce large works of art, and to collaborate with both local artists and non-artists.

Inspiration for this work came from seeing a hand painted sign on a pile of crates outside a carpet shop. I loved the strength and the honesty of the sign. It read - “Do not steal these pallets”.
The writing was wiggly woggly and strictly functional. I knew that this was the work of a non-artist, and one with whom I was keen to collaborate.

Method What followed became one of the highlights of all my collaborations. I painted two large canvases and gave them to the carpet merchant’s son, Imran.
“What would you like me to paint?” he asked.
I said, “Write about your life.”
He texted me. “What part of my life?”
“What shall I say?” he texted. And so it went on for 3 months.
Gradually the story took shape in his head.
It was a true collaboration and significant for us both. We each took a giant leap of faith and this work was the response.

I left my two painted canvases overnight at the studio owned by a Japanese woman. She greeted me the next day, saying, “I finished off the corner for you”. Unasked, and unwittingly, she had joined in the collaboration by painting a black strip near the bottom. So it turned out to be more collaborative, and multinational than I had first imagined!

This was my largest collaborative work, my biggest risk and my greatest satisfaction.

Barbara Koziarski lives in Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

email Barbara at   barbara @ (remove the spaces)

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Image © Barbara Koziarski