Talking Heads

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Talking Heads
Vintage balsa box & Background paper
"Dutch Masters" stamps
Victorian Dolls Heads from Melbourne Tip
Vintage Viennese playing cards
Stephanie Forsyth
On thinking of the theme “Words” it is easy to be struck with the idea that we are all “TALKING HEADS”: words both written, spoken, babbled and sung spill from us in hundreds of languages.
There are the internal “Talking Heads” - our own inner voices, the ones full of the words, thoughts and memories, hidden from view, in the background, but still important and with us always.
The background paper nestled in the little box lid, behind the “TALKING HEADS” banner, is from a vintage French pamphlet entitled “Memoire”.
First Stamp: Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” & Second Stamp: “Barbat cu craniu” by Dierick Bouts.
It is hard to imagine the words or thoughts being spoken by any of the subjects in either of the two stamps. (Though it is said that the title of “The Night Watch” was a particularly “wordy” one).
Though the skull is saying nothing, the man holding the skull looks pensive. What is he thinking?
The “Powers that Be” in our society, are represented by the two Kings, facing each other. As is the way of the world now, these “Powers that Be” are usually talking to, talking at, rather than talking with, the mere mortals who are forced to abide by their proclamations, forgive their proclivities and suffer the outcome of the “Talking Heads” that have made so many outrageous decisions throughout history.
The cynicism of the above statement is evident in the discord in humanity, in what is a wonderful world.
One can be forgiven for thinking the biggest “Talking Head” in our society is the Media – a faceless wordy behemoth.
The discarded German Antique Porcelain Doll Heads are just like so many human beings, damaged, inscrutable, not quite perfect, but beautiful nonetheless.

Stephanie Forsyth lives in Putney, NSW, Australia.

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Image © Stephanie Forsyth