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collage with layered photographs taken of Dorothy’s son Leo over a month
Dorothy Andrews
I was prompted to make 'Confusion' because of the bias of the news media.

It appears that to warrant making front page news one has to be good at kicking a ball round a field. This gives you
the right to be thuggish on and off the field and to force unwanted attentions on women with a minimum of censure.

Being good at anything else, such as music, art, mathematics, science, writing, in fact anything which requires a lot of study and brain power rarely gets a mention. Even important world news only ranks to fill in the awkward little corners.

Television news is just as bad. Thirty minutes of news and thirty minutes of sport can end up being fifteen minutes news and forty five minutes sport when the sport spills over into the main news. I have yet to see the main news take preference over sport.

I feel that this gives young people a confusing idea of what is really important in life and the type of behaviour that is expected of them.

Heroes and role models should be worthy a child's adoration. I know that the majority of sports people are dedicated to their sport and are excellent role models but there are many people who excel in other ways who are deserving of the same attention. As for national and world news, we may not be able to affect this as individuals but we still have the right to know what is going on to help us make the right decisions.

Dorothy Andrews lives in Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand.

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