William Wesley Johnston

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William Wesley Johnston
Julia Payne
$120. USD

I did this collage as an homage to a great uncle, William Wesley Johnston, a bugler in WW1; and in recognition of the centenary of the end of WW1.
According to family history, he was "blown to bits", and no part of him remained.
He was only 18 and so hopeful!
The collage includes the envelopes from the dead letter office in Ottawa.
The family did not hear of his death for 6 months when they received that one white envelope, where you can see, in pencil: missing, believed killed 15/10/16...talk about a funeral notice!
What a horror war is!

Julia Payne lives in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

email Julia at   juliapayne52 @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)

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