Grandma Irene age 19 Surfing

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Grandma Irene age 19 Surfing
augmented photo
Karen Hamer

These 'augmented photo' pics feature my beloved grandmother Irene. :)
She died from breast cancer when I was 6.
It was a good year before I could talk about her without bursting into tears, and I miss her still.
No one explained her death to me in a way I could understand and I found her funeral very confusing -a solemn ceremony featuring a lot of crying, followed by a gathering with food wonders such as cream filled brandy snaps.
These two photos show her when she was young and carefree, healthy and happy.

Karen Hamer lives on the outskirts of New Plymouth, New Zealand

More of her artwork can be seen on the Virtual Tart website at

email Karen at   knr.public @ (remove the spaces)

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