About Space

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About Space
collage on watercolour paper
Elizabeth Concannon
World wide (and for me personally in the USA), there has been an obvious disconnect among all people. Everyone is talking - and it often seems no one is listening. Facts are ignored while opinions and fighting words are shouted at high volume, which makes communication even more impossible.

Artists may be able to communicate better because we use so many artistic ways to communicate what we see, hear and share - - and even suggest possible searches in the "what if" category to find possible answers.

So my set of thirteen collages contains references to the many talking points we might use to understand each other and solve problems - or avoic problems.

I am looking forward to the way we as artists relate to the world.

Elizabeth Concannon
from Saint Louis, MO, USA

Email Elizabeth at   concannoneliz @ sbcglobal.net (remove the spaces)

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