Sweet Sentiment

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Sweet Sentiment
Assemblage of found objects
Mica over loving text (from 1881) in brass frame, metal 'daisy' brooch.
On wooden serving platter, 15 x 21 cm
$340 + post

A lot of my assemblages are pessimistic, but never let it be said that I belittle true feeling.
Sweet sentiment.
'Sentimental' has become a denigratory word, but feeling, true feeling ... it makes us human.
Fallible, vulnerable, but truly alive.
Mica: lovely stuff to use over text.
I had to buy a retro toaster on TradeMe to get some.
Stupidly expensive but I really wanted the mica.
And now I'm on a roll, using it with my assemblages.
Protective over paper & text, but more organic-looking than glassy.

Dale Copeland lives at Puniho, Taranaki, New Zealand.

See more of her work on her website at dalecopeland.co.nz
email Dale at   dale @ tart.co.nz (remove the spaces)

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