My 15 minutes

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My 15 minutes
mixed media assemblage
kewpie doll, plaster 'stage', furniture legs
43 X 23 X 16 cm
by Dale Copeland

I had great fun making this one, but I had trouble with the name.

The work carried connotations of Andy Warhol's
"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"
- our brief spell in the limelight.

But also Shakespeare's "All the world's a stage ..."

Even that bit about a big fish in a small pond.

Paul says it looks like me, that joyful "Ta daah". I'm flattered.

And yes, the going up was indeed worth the coming down.

Dale's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her artwork, and the books she makes, can be found on her site at
email Dale at dale @ (remove the spaces)

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