Mrs Clinton leaves for Christchurch.

A visual journey.

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Propaganda DEEPSTATE/GAZA/ Mrs. Clinton leaves for Christchurch

Las Vegas SIX

Into White The Neoliberal Layer cake Nazions Helping Hands

Letters from the Front Modern Landscape

Propaganda A Can of Worms The Ides of March

Cakewalk Dance of the sugar plum fairy.

Transformer. Out of the Box It’s a mirror

Under the Bus Yes. Very nice sabito Covidia

On the Wake Front Landing Gear

GWOT Modern landscape Hook, line and sinker

PSYOP Fresh Kills NYC

I am not neutral.
The exhibited works comprise some of many made over these past years in struggle to understand the major events directing us toward world war.
An epoch I maintain began in earnest with the false flag attack on WTC, 911, 2001.
An attack achieved by what might loosely be described, as the deepstate.
But which I sub-title ’NEOCONAZION’ because, though many might consider it too specific, there is plenty enough evidence to support.
All up, an agglomeration of ills, lies, liars and general malpractice besetting humanity; a power base formed post WW2 under the banners of freedom and democracy, that now exhibits all it’s grotesquery, in a racist genocide against the trapped peoples of GAZA, Occupied Palestine, 2024.

This is not necessarily a popular opinion.

Realisation deceit exists at these impossible levels, that ‘it’ can teach us and our children to allow genocide (the ’submissive void) in GAZA - stranding it’s way through the US.COVID/bioweapons attack on China and Iran (Crimson Contagion), the MI6/Ukranazi/NATO/CIA aggression against Russia, the nazionist occupation of Palestine (Where’s Daddy)… all the way down to the artists’ leafy little Christchurch suburb on a Friday afternoon with shots being fired, ( leaves little hope for future truths and justice to resolve without violent escalation.
Advances in the science of narrative control, global disinformation projects and powerfully nuanced ‘perception management’ programs practiced on populations around the world, have persuaded me of many things; one of them being the very thin ice our opinions and knowledge dance upon.
Enough to say, the featured sugar plum fairy is no longer a fun thing; he is under fire and stuck inside a dangerous construction of History that urgently needs dissembly.
The ‘strategy of tension’, an officially acknowledged NATO program of ‘social engineering’ - including but not restricted to operation GLADIO - directs the accuracy of my and our thinking.

Thus the pictures.
Pictures which will have to speak a thousand words, in the hope that some tiny glimmer or fragment of colour and humour distributes itself against the hegemony.
Hope being the last remaining Jack in the box.


Roger Morris lives on the edge of the Maunga, at the top end of Oeo Road, Taranaki, New Zealand

More of his art can be seen in the Showcase section of this website

And on his own website at

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