"These are a Few of my Favorite Things"

A collection by Julia Payne from Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

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A Good Day for a Lark Bright Morning A Fresh Perspective

Funeral Notice Five Easy Pieces Rose Deconstructed

Steppin' Out Contemplating the View

You can still go fishing. The Brain Loops. The Brain Destroys. You have my Undivided Attention

The Fall The Path is not Linear

What is true? We can't go back to Normal Wireless

What part of this do you not understand?
Let me frame it another way.
Pull Back the Curtain 1914

Be kind. Rewind. I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can Hatred

  I began making art in 2014, initially using acrylic paints and inks, watercolors and oil pastels, encaustic wax.
In 2017, I stumbled across a reference to Dale's International Collage Exchange and was inspired to make an attempt at collage.
I instantly fell in love with the process and have been a devotee ever since.
My central question in all aspects of my life is: "What is enough?"

Most of my collage work reflects this question, although not all the pieces I am showing here would tell you that!
The pieces I have chosen are those which have had a lot of meaning for me, some fairly old, but the same feelings are evoked every time I look at them.
I hope some of the work will resonate with the viewers!

Some of my collages are held in both public and private collections; and a number have been published in books.
You can find my work on instagram @juliapayne9

Julia Payne lives in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

More of her work can be found on instagram @juliapayne9

email Julia at   juliapayne52@gmail.com

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