~ ~   FOUNDLINGS   ~ ~

Assemblages of found objects

by Robbii of USA

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Easter Egg Dale Birth of Venus

Bella Luna Alizabeth

Album Golden Section Edward

Flight Industrial Peacock

Hot Jimmy Monarch V Hand of Dave

Maralyn Victorian Harmony

Steve Reliquary IV Number 3

Trinity II Season

The Bells Monarch I Portal

Tibetan Flame Starfish


  A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

I take a very methodical approach to creating my assemblages. Found objects are arranged in a formal
style: balance, composition and texture are integral elements of my work that act as a means to explore
the redemptive qualities of discarded material.

My limited color palette comes from the materials used, such as: aged, dark wood; brass, silver and
gold leaf; machine parts; rusted metal; glass and natural elements. With artificial mechanisms, parts of
unknown objects and bits of nature, each assemblage speaks of some unknown purpose or history.
Ultimately, in contrast to their humble origins, these assemblages transcend the found quality of their
individual parts to become objects of beauty.

I have no illusions of wanting to be “new”. I only want to put forward work that is original. My goal is to
have clarity of vision that when I put a piece together, it is unique and stands by itself as a work of art
and as a body of work.

My assemblages become little shrines to unknown deities or reminders of memories familiar but long
past. They speak not only of some unknown history but they speak of my history as well and I call
them Foundlings.


Wessen’s family was influential in his decision to pursue art. His father was a commercial artist, and by
the age of six, Wessen was drawing, using an airbrush, and trying his hand at lettering. At an early age,
he and his twin brother chose not to compete.

His brother became a rocket scientist, and Wessen credits his brother’s insights as integral to his own
development, as he went on to become a successful graphic designer.

In 2002, Wessen went to Burning Man, a bohemian arts festival in the Nevada desert, culminating in the
burning of a human effigy. It proved to be a life-changing experience for the artist. Inspired by the
abundance and intensity of creative energy, Wessen created his first assemblage: an homage to the
event in the form of a shrine.

Robbii lives in Douglaston, NY, USA
More of his art can be seen on his website www.foundlings.co.nz
email Robbii at   robbii@robbii.com

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