prints by John and Allison Brebner of New Zealand

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Peace in pieces History Rhymes

Regression Team of 3 Protest 1995

Empathy Ban the Bomb Ides of March

Ways of dealing with covid Covid 19


John and Allison Brebner live and work in Feilding, New Zealand
From their dedicated printing studios, they offer courses, classes and tours, products for purchase, and also completed artworks.
Details of all these can be found on their website at

John wrote:

Allison and I share the task of creating letterpress/lino print/stereo block/drawing/painting (multimedia works)
I tend to manage the paper, the press, the ink, the printing, the proofing and general sounding board for Allison's great ideas.
Allison develops the concept, sets the type and inks the type & cuts.
There are variations on the input we put into our projects with roles reversed when required.
We nearly always both sign the work.

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