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Two out of three slink away Bare back ride Under the gun

Fat lady can't sing Cactus columns

Cuddle up in love by myself Pretending it will never end My old flame I can't even think of his name

Now you know how it feels Goody Goody

Any old port in a storm Cramping up Guilty as framed

Short Fat Fannie

Cat nap between two legs Save face About face

Firecrackers Cat fish Fish fry

Horns - brassy ones Sports page

Coming up for air But not for me

Twist and shout He whooped so hard with the whooping cough
he whooped his head and tail right off
Hamper of heads with guards

basket of balls in the storm

Scissors Cut

into the depths Well of the blues - it never runs dry

Georgie Raulerson - Statement

  The most difficult part of making art is being asked to make a statement. About what ? The art ? The artist ? History ? Comparisons ? If I had words I’d write.

Art to me is very serious and yet, to my surprise my expression is with a warped sense of dread and playfulness. Some “ache” is there and yet with my weird take on humor, the meanings are often too playful or too subtle. Early on when viewing art, I didn’t want to see labels or titles to provoke preconceived ideas or to be told what an artist intended us to see, but to try to interpret the art on its own merit. Somewhere along the way I found hints made the viewing more enjoyable and many times titling the piece becomes as enjoyable as doing the piece itself.

Rarely is a subject broached first. Mood, surroundings, arguments, frustration and so much more can’t be dismissed, but smearing a brush with buttery paint around a canvas, pens on soft pliable paper is just so sensual. So essential. Somewhere along the process things get serious and purpose comes to the fore. Obviously emotion is involved and though I am aware that “true” ART is for the “intellectual”, I am not aware of conscious thought while “doing”……………getting lost in the moment which can lead to hours of just that. And then I am in “awe” (better word ? - surprised ?) about where this image came from. Surely not from me !

Dale and I invite you to view these selections with the above in mind. After the pieces are complete I could say much about each. In fact it would be difficult to curb the words. But they weren’t there as I was in my own little world of making my ART.

ME/CFS       I’m considered an “elderly” lady and 30 years ago I may have thought someone my age was perhaps over the hill, however I have been a registered nurse for 50+ years and know that there are people more alert, more intelligent, more excited about life at 90 than most 40 year olds. In my art I have primarily worked with paper, large and small. With a bit of a perfection, obsessive/ compulsive personality I was ripe for intaglio printmaking and set up a studio with press and accessories. Life was humming along and in 2001 I had a nasty virus that didn’t want to end. By 2002 I was diagnosed with CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome) ending life as I had experienced it. I was (and still am) homebound and even drawing was a tremendous chore. What was it ? Medical pros knew what, but not why or how, only that it rarely got much better. To hear a diagnosis like that is unbelievable. We have pills to cure anything Right !!?!! Research slowly increased and with it the diagnosis of Myalgic encephalomyelitis…. sub title cfs or ME/CFS. At least if one is going to have a strange incurable disease, having a name that sounds like that is better than everyone thinking you’re just “tired”..” (translated: lazy, weird, psychosomatic, hysterical, screwed in the head).

Everyone and her brother has just the thing for a cure, from training for marathons to high colonic enemas. Believe me, they are in some sci fi world if they think they have ANY answers about it. Over the years I have become smart enough to listen to what my body tells me. Good health principles are essential, but so is acceptance and enthusiasm with positive thinking. But the most important is managing available energy from everything to brushing teeth to saying “no”. And learning not to be ashamed of a weird disease and letting everyone down and yes, asking for help.

I was in my 50’s and angry and sorry for myself. Obviously I had to quit working, my art suffered and I knew no one with the disease. Thank heaven for the then Association of CFIDS (now Solve MECFS Initiative). So much more information has become available. Life was “barely bearable” until I devised a way to make art on a smaller scale with what energy is available. I have been showing these small works and the value to my life is substantially improved.

Georgie Raulerson lives at Boynton Beach in Florida, USA.

email Georgie at   georgie_r @ (remove the spaces)

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