Philosophy of the Found

Assemblages by Dale Copeland of New Zealand

This exhibition showed at the Koru on Devon gallery during July 2018.
Overseas friends said they wished they could see it. So here it is, more or less.

Click on any image for a larger view.
The Orphan Reflections in a Museum Case Oppression

Changing Times Free Will?   Yes.
Freedom of choice?   No.

Fragment of Reality Venus at the Waterhole IWD Legacy

In the Psych Ward

Democracy is coming

Self Portrait 5, 40, 72 Self Portrait as a Fool Counting Down

Copper Leaves Going down beautifully Staircase for the Watchmaker

To be content, in spite of everything

Public Persona The inadequacy of emoticons,
the shallowness of chat

The One True Prophecy Lay down your weapons,
your tools and your playthings.
History is as who says?

Learning to fly C'est Moi Women Behind Bars

Beware the Sentry (and detail)

Under the Skin Sweet Sentiment

Generation Me Diagnosis Clementine

When Gabriel Blows His Horn (closed & open)

No Escape Class of 2012 See Nothing

The Balance of Trade Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Sisters take up arms On Hold

Be good and hope for the best Hide, Seek & Slaughter

New player in the old game Gypsy gold

Dale Copeland lives at Puniho, in Taranaki, New Zealand
More of her work can be seen on her site at

email Dale at dale @ (remove the spaces)

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