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Free Will?
Freedom of Choice? X
Counting down   Democracy is coming

The wench who would be witch The one true prophecy

The moving finger writes Lay down your tools History is as who says?

Beatrice and Fay two collages made using images of
the lovely old mannequins
and a collage made for the
'Little Big Museum' collection in Bulgaria

Class of 2012

Lares et Penates
In the Psych Ward

In September 2017 a group of us Taranaki artists took a big exhibition (over 600 artworks in our luggage!) to show in Galerie 59 Rivoli, in Paris.
I'd made this box for donations, but she was stolen in Paris.
As my part of the show I made 18 of triangular assemblages (in old cribbage game boards) so they would pack together in my suitcase.
Here are a few.

Strangers talk only
about the weather
Learning to fly The cause of warming Copper leaves C'est Moi

The Bird of Time The Mythic Line

And, of course, in September 2017 it was ICE19 - the 19th International Collage Exchange.
79 artists from around the world each sent 13 collages, for sale, for a permanent collection, and for exchange.
A lot of time needed to make it all happen, of course, but I end up with some excellent exchanges.
The next one, ICE20, will be the last. (Click here if you'd like to see details for taking part.)

Some of the collages I made for the ICE19 exchange last year.
One strong man defies the Fates Studio treasures Sinking slowly Fractured self image Healed with a touch
All gone to other collage artists as exchanges

A few of the collages I've made for ICE20, the last exchange, to be held in July/September this year.

Renaissance Man The teacher retires, beaten playing the part Seeing the world through mirrors

It's been a busy year. Life is short. Enjoy.

Dale Copeland lives at Puniho, in Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her work can be seen on her site at
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