Taranaki to Terre Verte

A selection of works from an exhibition by New Zealand artists, showing in Cornwall, UK.

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Mixed media drawings by Karen Hamer

Paintings by Alby Carter

Paintings by Milarky

Painting by Fern Petrie

Photography by Steve Molloy

Paintings by Glenys Howland

Collages by Lesley le Grove

Paintings by Dorothy Andrews

Paintings by Ché Rogers

Woodcut by Tullett

Jewellery by Mili Purpil

Paintings by Tony Rumball

Giclée prints of paintings by Margaret Scott

"What Remains ..." - a triptych of photographs by Steven Boothe

'Shiny, Happy People' Paintings by Heidi Griffin

'Poetry in Motion' paintings by Jan Huijbers

Paintings by Paul Hutchinson

Collages and Assemblages by Dale Copeland

Painting by Marianne Muggeridge Painting by Roger Morris

Mixed media art by Jenny Bielawski

Painting by Waldo Hartley

This exhibition is showing in Terre Verte Gallery in Altarnun, Cornwall. From 28th June to 13th July, 2019.

I'd like you to be able to see the entire exhibition, so here are some walk-around gallery pics.
Also some pics of the gallery itself, the neighbours in the village of Altarnun,
getting on well with Richard Sharland, the gallery owner.
And what the four travellers do when the hanging is finished. Doing what they do best.
Jenny attacks any dust or spiders, Mili whips up a whole heap of naan bread for the after-opening supper, Dale frets about catalogue numbers, and Paul has a wee sleep in the garden.
Click to see a bigger view.

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