by Connor Smith of New Zealand

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Transfusion Atonement

The Hunt Hikari Inside

Dream Vital

Disengage Close Soliloquy

Pieties Guide

Reconnect Collapse Sacrifice

Flare Coma

Searching Animus Requiem

A series of work reflecting upon the human condition: visual representations of Manís confrontation with and acceptance of the infinite, the beauty of impermanence and the primal vivacity inherent in being alive. Ascendancy is the portrayal of a voyage, both cosmic and spiritual in nature.

I am a photographer and my work focuses upon minimalism and abstraction - of both subject and medium. I endeavour to portray a new perspective on everyday objects and surrounding views; encouraging reinterpretation of existing form and gestalt and finding beauty in the plain and unexpected. I hope to create work which is both visually and emotionally stirring and I greatly enjoy seeing the vast range of differing opinions to any one piece. I achieve my results through careful manipulation and balancing of brightness, contrast and saturation, as opposed to Photoshop.

I live in New Plymouth and have a great love for the arts. My primary passion and source of creativity lies in cinema; this is what inspired me to study photography. My heroes are directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman.

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