Need and Necessity

A collage a day by Dale Copeland of New Zealand

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A new collage will be added here each day in December.
Above the 30 which were made during November.

All collages are mounted on A4 size (8" X 12") 300gsm (heavy grade) watercolour paper, and all are offered for sale at the same price.
See the bottom of the page for prices, including postage, for all countries.

Just email me if you'd like one.

16. Fish and fowl and feathered beasts 17. Thinking of migrating

14. Do you remember newspapers? 15. Packed and ready to leave

11. Turn Away 12. That dizzy bubble of being a child 13. My future begins to look like our past

10. Dale's dream studio 7. WHY NOT

9. I can dance! 6. A crumbling sense of identity 8. Wonderwoman goes rogue

4. Can we save it? 5. How DO wars start?

1. Margaret Fuller 2. Magic feels good 3. Just add a glass of wine

You can also read at the bottom why I've called this exhibition 'Need & Necessity'.


1. Whoever, Wherever 4. Calm at the centre of chaos

3. Dreaming of a home of their own 2. Show me the way to go home 5. A god's preference

8. Tatsumi Orimoto and his mother 9. By a tropical pond

7. She dreams of skinny-dipping 6. The exuberance of colour 10. Older / Bolder

12. But look at me! 13. The puppet master and the ship of fools

11. Are we on the same planet? 15. Suffer ALL the children 14. I AM MASTER!

19. Arranging the sculpture exhibition 20. The view keeps changing

17. Dress for Success 16. I just don't understand grown-ups 18. Waiting at the tax office

22. Autumn falls 25. My parents buy every new gadget

24. Her perfect man 23. Everybody's waiting. Waiting and wanting 21. With our separate dreams

30. Drummer Jackson 26. Do I really want to be a high-flyer?

28. The master of chaos 29. Thinking soft thoughts 27. Mirror mirror on the wall

Any collage is NZ$110
With postage, TOTAL cost is:
posted to New Zealand $NZ$114
posted to Australia AUD 108 or US$ 78
posted to rest of the world US$79 or €70 or £62

Your support is genuinely appreciated.

Either PayPal to
Or post cash or cheque to: Dale Copeland, 7266 Surf Highway, RD 37, New Plymouth 4381, New Zealand
Or, if you're in New Zealand, direct credit to TSB Bank, DD Copeland, 15 3942 0699605 00

And why Need & Necessity
We've organised an exhibition by Taranaki artists in Cornwall, England, in June/July next year.
It costs a fortune to leave these islands, so I'm hoping these collages can help.
For payments, click here for
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     Thank you.
Dale Copeland lives at Puniho, Taranaki, New Zealand.

See more of her work on her website at
and in the Showcase section of this Virtual Tart website

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Where other artists' work is used in a collage, full attribution is given on the back, where known.
These pages are written and maintained by Dale Copeland, Puniho Art.
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