Art Beyond the Obvious

Mystical Digital Collage

by Pamela McKinnie of Colorado, USA

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Mermaid Emerging From the Deep
- Water Goddess
Healing Mother Earth
- Earth Goddess
Emerging from the Flames
- Fire Goddess
Faith in Our Future
- Air Goddess
Mystical Horse

Reflections Masked 1 - Resilience Masked 2 - Courage

Cosmic Wonders Feather Fantasy

Circle of Life Wondrous Sea Jelly Sea Scape

Listen to the Lost Voices

Pamela McKinnie, Colorado, USA





If you are interested in finding out more about Pamela’s art or purchasing a piece,
contact her directly by email at

Artist Statement:

Pamela McKinnie is a renowned artist, who has received multiple national and international awards for her mystical digital collages, which are multi-layered, brightly colored and intensely textured.

She is an intuitive painter whose abstract, figurative style is influenced by the symbolic, dream-like quality of surrealism and the Fusionart movement, which makes subliminal images visible in unique ways.

In describing her art she says,
"My art is a reflection of what is felt rather than what is seen.
I hope to create something that is alive with energy and invites each viewer to connect with life in new and meaningful ways.”

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