Nikki Romney

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Let me be The insubordinate wife

Enslavement Birdsong Maori Chief

American Citizen Pisspot

I guess I’ve been an artist all of my life – though I was never so pretentious as to actually call myself one until I’d been selling consistently through galleries in Auckland for some years. – and after 20 years I suppose I’ve earned the right.

After leaving Whitecliffe art school in the 90s disillusioned at the lack of technical skills taught (or, I might add, shown by tutors), I turned my attention to old-style masters - in particular CF Goldie.

After spending some years studying techniques, brush strokes and methods, I reached a point where I’m comfortable in applying what I’ve learnt of “realism” to a contemporary setting.

I paint only in oils, and much of my work – the paintings I’m most proud of – tell stories, ask questions, or point out ‘truths’ that are self-evident to me. I see the hypocrisy, the power-and-control games, the pressure to subvert creativity and free-thinking so evident in the machinations of religions and other man-made institutions.

On the lighter side, for the past four years I have been making quirky, and occasionally challenging, objects from antiques, time-tested curiosities and other treasures. With my partner Alan who collaborates with me in some of my works, I recently visited New Plymouth specifically to spend an afternoon with Dale Copeland, and we left fizzing with admiration and inspiration.

I have work in many parts of the world and have won awards in Nelson, Southland and Auckland. (My first win was in a drawing competition at the age of nine, which won for me the stunning-at-the-time prize of a helicopter ride!).

With Alan, I love working from our art studio-home on Nelson’s beautiful waterfront.

My biog, other paintings, and a few musings are on my blog

Nikki Romney lives in Nelson, New Zealand

See more of her work on her website

email Nikki at   nicholaromney @ (remove the spaces)

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