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A Showcase for artists from the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

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The artwork of . . . . . . . Dorothy Andrews, Mark Bellringer, Gabrielle Belz, Jenny Bielawski, Steven Boothe, Deirdre Brockhill, Maria Brockhill, Brigitte Calloway, Ian Calloway, Alby Carter, Anne-Marie Clegg, Robert Clement, Dale Copeland, Laurel Davis, Lester Earl, Carl Fairweather, Charlotte Giblin, Ali Girling-Butcher, Amanda Griffin, Heidi Griffin, Lesley le Grove, Karen Hamer, Waldo Hartley, Anne Holliday, Glenys Howland, Jan Huijbers, Leila Hunter, Paul Hutchinson, Graham Kirk, Richard Landers, Karen McDell (Vasalisa), Linda McFetridge, Milarky, Al Millard, Steve Molloy, Roger Morris, Wayne Morris, Marianne Muggeridge, Caryl Murray, Fern Petrie, Mili Purpil, Norman Riley, Ché Rogers, Frances Rookes, Tony Rumball, Lee Russell, Margaret Scott, Connor Smith, MB Stoneman, Filipe Tohi, Joanne Wilkes,

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Artwork by Vasalisa (Karen McDell) Painting by Charlotte Giblin
Vasalisa (Karen McDell),
painter, installation artist
Charlotte Giblin,
artist, author, coach

Painting by Graham Kirk Painting by Jan Huijbers Painting by Glenys Howland
Graham Kirk,
Jan Huijbers,
Glenys Howland,

Print by Gabrielle Belz Painting by Donna Willard-Moore
Gabrielle Belz,
Donna Willard-Moore,
painter & sculptor

Painting by Ali Girling-Butcher Artwork by Carl Fairweather Glass sculpture by Richard Landers
Ali Girling-Butcher,
Carl Fairweather,
mixed media artist
Richard Landers,
glass artist

Painting by Joanne Wilkes
Joanne Wilkes,

Painting by Marianne Muggeridge Print by Anne-Marie Clegg
Marianne Muggeridge,
Anne-Marie Clegg,
painter, performance artist

Jewellery by Mili Purpil Painting by Lester Earl Painting by Waldo Hartley
Mili Purpil,
Lester Earl,
Allan (Waldo) Hartley,

Artwork by Frances Rookes Painting by Anne Holliday
Frances Rookes,
mixed media artmaker
Anne Holliday,

Painting by Linda McFetridge Digital artwork by Karen Hamer Painting by Margaret Scott
Linda McFetridge,
Karen Hamer,
digital artist
Margaret Scott,

Painting by Heidi Griffin Painting by Al Millard
Heidi Griffin,
Al Millard,

Molloy Gallery
Steve Molloy,
sculptor, photographer, Molloy Gallery

Painting by Roger Morris construction by Wayne Morris Photograph by Mark Bellringer
Roger Morris,
painter, sculptor
Wayne Morris,
salvage artist
Mark Bellringer,

Photograph by Connor Smith Painting by Leila Hunter
Connor Smith,
Leila Hunter,

Print by MB Stoneman collagraph print by Lesley le Grove circular painting by Ché Rogers
MB Stoneman,
Lesley le Grove,
collage artist in paper & clay
Ché Rogers,
artist, musician, surfer

by Milarky
nomad artist.

Painting by Ian Calloway Clay art by Brigitte Calloway Photograph by Steven Boothe
Ian Calloway,
figurative painter
Brigitte Calloway,
clay artist
Steven Boothe,
artist photographer

Ceramic sculpture by Maria Brockhill Steam punk by Amanda Griffin
Maria Brockhill,
Amanda Griffin,
Steam punk constructions

Painting by Lee Russell Painting by Deirdre Brockhill painting by Dorothy Andrews
Lee Russell,
Deirdre Brockhill,
Dorothy Andrews,

Assemblage by Dale Copeland Painting by Paul Hutchinson
Dale Copeland,
assemblage artist
Paul Hutchinson,

Glass art by Robert Clement
Robert Clement,
glass artist

Painting by Norman Riley Painting by Alby Carter Sculpture by Filipe Tohi
Norman Riley,
Alan (Alby) Carter,
expressionist painter,
woodblock printmaker
Filipe Tohi,

Mixed media art by Caryl Murray Painting by Fern Petrie
Caryl Murray,
mixed media artist
Fern Petrie,

Artwork by Laurel Davis Painting by Tony Rumball construction by Jenny Bielawski
Laurel Davis,
mixed media sculptor
Tony Rumball,
Jenny Bielawski,
fabric artist

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