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This is the Land , This is Earth

Carl has a new website at where you can see more of his work.


: Carl Fairweather
DATE OF BIRTH: 19/9/1973
CULTURAL LABEL STATUS: Earthling (pagan)
INNER CHILD STATUS: Alive and well.
LOCATION: The Universal Mind.
OCCUPATION: Taibhsear,Vision Seer (Scots gaelic pron.tah'shar) Artist.
FAVOURITE ARTIST: The Great Creator of Being.

Iím a mixed media artist who likes to play with and mix up different creative mediums, that once finished, hope that they ask questions, illuminate universal truths, or illustrate the big mystery with which we call life.

Music is a big part of my creative process, for me the two go together. When Iím doing my art Iíve like to have my music playing loud, ether blasting out of the speakers or trough my head phones. The music I listen too is a very eclectic range from punk rock to Buddhist chants , the music acts as a partner to the creative act. For me thereís a certain ancient connection between the two, something ceremonial that helps to bring out the art.

Depending on which medium Iím playing with ,there are a few concepts that flow through my work , ranging from the mythical , the spiritual , the political to the pop , sometimes itís a blend of one or the other.

My inspiration for my art comes from many different sources, Iím a great believer in í feeding the mind Ď, which for me involves taking in alot of information , from various types of literature , documentary films , websites from that great information highway known as the internet , or just day to day life etc .

I think itís a good thing to keep learning as an artist, to be open minded, because when you do that, you and your art keep growing.............................

You can see more of my art on my new website at and also at

also view my youtube channel ĎThe Temple of Sound and VisionĎ at

CONTACT DETAILS: email at   carlitofairweather @ (remove the spaces)

Carl lives in Hawera, New Zealand

More of his artwork can be seen on his website at
email Carl at   carlitofairweather @ (remove the spaces)

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