Caput Mortuum

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Caput Mortuum
oil on linen on board
Paul Hutchinson, 2016

Paul Hutchinson
at Kina Gallery
Paul is a self taught painter who has been living and working
in Taranaki for the last forty two years.
Paul tends to avoid giving people a message with his art, however more recently,
he has found subtle political overtones creeping into his work.
"We are living in volatile and disturbing times".

Caput Mortumm literally translates as death's head.
Paul has reached an age where he is considering, not only his own mortality,
but also the possible mortality of the human race.
Caput Mortuum is also a symbol used to denote a useless byproduct of an alchemical process, and it is also the name of a deep earthy violet pigment he uses in his painting.

Most of the paintings in this exhibition are of old glass bottles.
Bottles are of course vessels to contain things.
For Paul they also represent the old world.
"We look through them (through a glass darkly), and see things distorted,reflected and refracted".

Exhibition showing at KINA NZ Design + Art Space
101 Devon Street West
New Plymouth
Paul's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand
More of his work can be found on his home site at
email Paul at   PJHpainter @ (remove spaces)

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Image © Paul Hutchinson